May 23, 2012

 Quite often I think of my blog & how it is neglected & I think "but we haven't really done anything spectacular to write about lately."  Turns out, however, that as I was going through my overflowing iPhoto gallery, every day with my boys is spectacular.  Sometimes we don't leave the house or even wash our hair (for shame!).  Some days going to the grocery store is our adventure for the day & sometimes we make it to the Treehouse or the Dino Park or even the zoo.  But no matter where we make it- or don't, as the case may be- every day of my life is spectacular & over abundantly happy.  Not every day goes as planned & sometimes there is more frustration than fun, but it's good. It's all good.  I'm blessed & happy & content.  And who could ask for more?

March 21, 2012

Blue Angels.

We had a great, quick little getaway last weekend to see the Navy jets, the Blue Angels, in St. George.  The weather was less than favorable, but we had so much fun.  This was the second air show we've been to, & I'm completely in awe of the awesome talent those pilots possess, but unfortunately it's like unto the circus for me & my blood pressure shoots through the roof.  I can dang near feel my heart rate immediately drop when the jets are safely apart, without any fiery crashing in mid-air.  Whew.
Porter was asking if it was almost over pretty much from the time the first loud jet flew over.  However he has been flying his
 model Blue Angel around the house & car since he got it, so I guess it wasn't a total loss. Right??
 Oh, yes. I did wear ear protection for about 8 seconds.

 And then I just walked around like a stud with my hands in my pockets & wowed the neighbor ladies.
 MUAH. I love this kid.
 Aviator in training.
 Link representing his military pops.
 Seriously incredible.  
Yes, the anthem from Top Gun was playing, adding a little romance & drama to the atmosphere.
I don't know how you even get into a career in wing walking, but man, think of the party conversations you could start...

February 20, 2012

My Brother, the Soldier.

My older brother joined the Army Reserves a while back & just left for his first (& let's hope last) deployment to Afghanistan.  I don't like that at all.  Suddenly this war that up until now has just been headlines in a foreign place is really close to home.  We were able to go up & have a little going away party before he left, which included dancing to Michael Jackson, dressing up like superheroes & lots of tasty grub.  My nephew Jackson's entire 3rd grade class walked up to their house that day, brought this poster & sang some patriotic songs to wish him luck & thank him for his service.  Not surprising, but I get emotional just thinking about it.  I'm proud of my brother for his service to our country.

 We spent a good part of the day at the airport the day Andy flew out, & were even able to take him to the gate & hang out right up until he boarded the plane.  Holy moly, that was a little brutal, but I am so grateful for that time.    I'd be lying if I didn't admit I think he's a little crazy, but I really am proud of him.  I can't imagine the amount of courage it took for him to walk onto that airplane. Whew.  Say a little prayer for his little family while he's gone, if you wouldn't mind.
Now that the majority of my immediate family is scattered abroad, I'm more or less counting down the days until we pick each of them up at the airport.  There are going to be some serious parties coming up...

February 15, 2012

Help My Mom Be Nice.

So bedtime is truly one of my favorite times of day.  And I don't just say that because I'm sending my kids off to bed with the possibility of enjoying 5 minutes of me time, or even a chance to go to the bathroom alone, though some days those are very appealing ideas.  It's one of my favorites because we have a great routine that includes reading stories, singing a few bedtime songs & having family prayer together, and it's just a chance for us to enjoy each other without anywhere else to be.  Tonight was no exception from the norm, until, in the middle of a really nice prayer my 4 year old said "bless my mom that she can be nice every day when she gets frustrated."  Oy.  That hits like a ton of bricks. Right in the face.  So, here's to hoping that his mom can get it together & not get frustrated.  Even if the wall is covered in toothpaste or Century Link disconnects my internet for the 3rd time in 2 weeks or my Crohn's is fighting me like a ninja in my innards while my kids are fighting like ninjas over a happy meal toy.  Or whatever the case may be.  Yes, please bless that his mom will be nice every day even when she gets frustrated.

January 17, 2012

I'm Terrible at This.

I am a terrible blogger.  I fully admit it.  I'm debating whether to even keep up this charade, but I guess I will try a little longer.  Sooooo, this picture taken from my front porch, which makes me so happy that I live where I live, signifies the sun setting on my crappy blogging ways.  Ha. Clever, right?

Hakuna Matata.

Spending one last little weekend in Bear Lake. Not much snow & a terrible 
gallbladder attack,but there was plenty of fun to be had nonetheless.  
 These 2 boys were mesmerized with this security process & the equipment & this worker 
dude was so awesome w/them. & yes, that is my short-haired son.

We've been waiting for this day for quite some time & yet, even when you have months to prepare it seem like you're just never quite ready.  The good news is that my parents were ready to embark on their adventures, which made it a little easier to say goodbye.  I am so excited to see what awaits them in Kenya & the people they will meet & grow to love.  Any of you that know my parents know that they are amazing people & were made for missionary work.  They will thrive with the work & experience that lies ahead of them & I am so proud of them for making this sacrifice & being such awesome examples to my kids.
It was more than a little heart-wrenching watching Mr P wipe his eyes as he tried so hard to contain his emotion, & inevitably break down into full fledged sobs.  It was equally painful to pry Blue from my mom's arms as he cried for grandma & my dad had to turn away to regain composure. You see, the women in my family were bred for emotion, but when my dad breaks down it's more than a little tough to stomach.  But I know that they are doing the right thing.  I know that if this wasn't the right thing for them to do they wouldn't be going.  I'm not sure that they've ever had to put so much faith in something & I cherish them for it.  The next 23 months will be strange.  They will be hard & trying at times, but I know they will be full of blessings too.
The first thing Mr P asked when he got up this morning was if we could talk to grandma & grandpa on the computer today, so I sure hope they get settled & adjusted to the time zone so we can grant his wish.
Good luck, Elder Grandpa & Sister Grandma!!! Hakuna Matata!

**sidenote: Hakuna Matata translates to 'there is no problem' & has pretty much become our family motto.  We will sail through this!**

October 04, 2011

Runnin' Fools.

This past weekend was the St George Marathon which happened to be my dad's 50th full marathon & supposedly my parents' last.  They're amazing. Amazing, I tell ya!!  The feelings, emotions, excitement & pride at the finish line didn't disappoint.  There's nothing like it & someday I hope it's me on the other side of the fence soaking in the cheers & reveling in the beauty of the finish line coming into sight. Someday.  In the meantime, props to my amazing parents.

Plenty of additional fun was had as well.  Who doesn't love a dip in the old folks community pool?  
And according to mr P he's getting a fancy new golf cart from his dad this week.